Guangwei Gao (高广谓)

Prospective MPhil students

    I am currently recruiting self-motivated MPhil students. Please carefully read the following contents before sending me an E-mail:

  • Research interests: I mainly study how to design advanced machine learning algorithms using mathematical tools, which can be further applied to computer vision, data mining, and other fields. Recent research interests include representation learning theory with applications to biometrics (Heterogeneous face recognition, etc), image processing (face hallucination, etc), analysis and processing of multi-media data.

  • Admission expectations: I prefer the students who have solid mathematical foundations, strong programming skills, and good English abilities (listening/speaking/reading/writing). The experiences in research (e.g. academic competition, publications, extracurricular academic activities, etc.) will be a benefit.

  • Training objectives: 1) After carefully organized scientific research training, the students are expected to gain solid professional knowledge, rigorous scientific thinking, strong practical ability, broad academic vision, and important scientific literacy for independent problem discovery, thinking, and solving; 2)Publish high-level and impactful papers in top journals or conferences, and is interested in continuing academic research after graduation.

  • My promise: 1) Since I have always been in the frontline of scientific research, I will provide you a full range of effective guidance in algorithm design, coding, experimental verification, paper writing, patent application, presentation, etc. 2) Provide you enjoyable scientific research atmosphere, comfortable research environment, generous allowance/rewards, and efficient computing equipment; 3) I will not let you deal with administrative affairs that are not related to your research, so as to ensure that you have sufficient time for your research; 4) For the students who succesfully get their papers accepted by top conferences, I will try my best to financially support them to participate in the conferences; 5) For outstanding MPhil students, I will provide a joint training opportunity with overseas universities with a duration of 3-6 months; 6) For outstanding graduates, I would be happy to write recommendation letters for job hunting or university application.


    • 研究兴趣:主要研究如何使用数学工具设计先进机器学习算法,并广泛应用于计算机视觉、数据挖掘等多个领域。 近期研究兴趣包括图像分割,图像超分,跨模态图像识别等。

    • 招生期望:希望能够招收数学基础好、编程能力强、英语功底扎实、擅于口头及书面表达的学生。有前期科研经历者加分(学术竞赛、论文发表、课外学术活动等)。

    • 培养目标:经过精心组织的科研训练,使学生具备扎实的专业知识、缜密的科研思维、较强的动手能力、广阔的学术视野,及独立发现问题、思考问题、解决问题的重要科学素养; 在校期间在世界顶级期刊或会议上发表高水平、有影响力的论文,并有志于毕业后继续从事学术研究工作。

    • 我的承诺:1)因我本人始终亲临科研一线,因此会在算法设计、代码编写、实验验证、论文撰写、专利申请、科研成果展示等给予你全方位的有效指导;2)提供浓厚的科研氛围、舒适的科研环境、丰厚的科研奖励、高效的运算设备;3)我几乎不会让你处理报账、递送材料、拿快递等与科研无关的行政事务,从而保证你有充足的、整块的科研时间;4)对于在顶会上发表论文的学生,会从学校参会资助和本人科研经费两方面积极资助你参会(只要没出地球); 5)对于表现优秀的博士生,至少提供一次0.5-2年的海外访学联培机会;6)对于表现优秀的学生,我很乐意在毕业后给你推荐工作或深造机会。